Our Panels

SBM Solar, Inc. provides high-quality PV modules for a wide range of applications. The standard module is 140W. The distinct advantages of the SBM 140W module is that it is rigid and lightweight.

Products include:

  • Advanced Non-Glass photovoltaic module
  • Crystalline silicon cell based solar module
  • Patent-pending production process



SBM's solar modules are 40-50% lighter than glass panels. This makes it easier for shipping, handling, and installation, and also saves on costs.



Shatterproof When a glass module is shattered, the entire module will subsequently lose power. SBM's non glass modules are completely shatterproof. It is able to withstand hazardous environmental conditions (hail, rain, wind, heat, cold, and humidity). Modules are IEC 61215 certified for hail impact resistance.


High Transparency/Low Glare

Reduces glare Blinding glare associated with glass panels can be dangerous and unsafe in certain applications. SBM's solar module utilizes an advanced material property to reduce the reflection. This makes SBM solar modules perfect for applications where glare becomes a critical safety issue, like military bases, airports, and highways.


High Efficiency C-Si Solar Cells

SBM Solar modules use over 18% efficiency mono-crystalline silicon cells


Go Green & Demand the Best!

All components are made and manufactured in the USA. Modules have over 17% cell efficiency and 13.6 watts per square foot compared to thin film's 6-8% module efficiency and 5 watts per square foot. Besides our standard panels, SBM also develops customized and / or building integrated solar applications. This provides architects and engineers optimal architectural flexibility which preserves design and aesthetic integrity.



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